A bit about Montreal City Voices ...

In 1959 a group of women took action against the racism of the era and founded a women’s singing organization called Harmony, Inc. Their platform, at the time, was one of inclusion and diversity. Today, they welcome women regardless of age; ancestry, which includes colour and race; citizenship or national origin; disability; gender identity; religion; sexual identity; and sexual orientation.

As history continues to repeat itself, once again, racial events have invoked feelings of anger, helplessness, sadness, misunderstanding and confusion and we hurt for one another. Our chorus recognizes the injustices in the world, and we can no longer remain complacent. We desire to promote and sustain a sense of belonging, respecting the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles of our members and supporters. We must let our voices be heard as we stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who are calling for justice and equality for all.

We recognize that there is still work to be done in respecting our differences and building an inclusive and better environment for all women. The time has come for us to publicly reaffirm our commitment to positive change by learning, educating, and bringing about a positive transformation, not only for our members, but for our society at large.

Montreal City Voices not only stands for unity, community, equality, love and peace but we also believe in true and lasting harmony in all its forms.